Fire Door installation

Do you need to replace a fire door or install a new fire door, if so Grenville fire protection
can install fire doors purchased through our approved UK manufacturers.

Unlike an emergency exit that sits on the outside of the building, a fire door is used internally. It is a technical product that has been tested to provide a timed level or resistance should a fire occur. The purpose of the fire door is to reduce the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another usually to protect an exit route and provide a safe refuge.

UK law places an obligation on building operators to make sure fire doors and escape doors are installed correctly. Fire doors are an essential part of a buildings fire compartmentation system and it is important that they are installed correctly. Not all joiners and carpenters understand installation and maintenance requirements surrounding fire doors. Our competent operatives ensure all fire doors are installed to a high standard. Fire doors that have been installed correctly are more effective at holding back fire and smoke than fire doors that have been installed incorrectly. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that fire doors are installed by a competent person.

The Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) for your site will determine the fire door provision that needs to be in place. You are then legally obliged to carry out the work accordingly.

Fire Door Installation

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