Fire Door Inspection

Fire doors in residential and public buildings are required to be regularly inspected for damage that may prevent it from effectively performing in the event of a fire. As a building owner or building manager, you have a legal duty to any staff or tenants of your building to ensure that all fire doors are up to standard and within strict fire door regulations.

What is the law surrounding Fire Doors?

Fire Door Inspection

Legal requirements state that fire doors and exits must be inspected and checked periodically once every six months at least in the UK. Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that it is a legal requirement that landlords, building managers and owners must ensure that fire doors and escape doors are correctly installed and maintained. It is vital that you entrust the installation and maintenance to a trained and licensed professional to ensure that they are fit for purpose, as the Regulatory Reform requires businesses to hire ‘competent persons’ to assist owners in complying with fire door regulations.

It is essential for all building managers and owners to stringently test the effectiveness of the fire doors in their building. They should be held with the same regard as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms as a correctly fitted fire door can provide vital minutes when fleeing from an encroaching fire. Any alterations or variance from its original fitting can cause the fire door to fail.

Fire Door Importance and Maintenance

Fire Door Inspection

What can Grenville do for you?

Our qualified and highly trained team will discuss our process with you and provide a comprehensive service that ensures that your fire door is maintained to legal standards. Our exceptional team will assess the condition of the fire doors in your building. This procedure includes:

Checking for gaps

The gaps between the top and side of the door and frame of a fire door must be no more than 4mm when closed. The bottom gap can be up to 8mm, but this is entirely dependent on the door. We check for gaps, cracks and damages that can cause your fire door to fail or become inefficient.

Check the seals

The seals present around your fire door are integral to it working correctly. This intumescent seal is reactive to extreme heat and swells to seal the door in the event of heat or fire exposure. The seal limits the fire and smoke penetrating through the door gaps, providing vital extra time to evacuate.

Check hinges

Fire doors require a minimum of 3 British standard fire hinges, and they are required to be firmly fixed to the door and frame. Any missing hinges or broken screws can hinder the performance of the fire door.

Check movement and closing

We ensure that your fire door is capable of closing firmly without sticking and creates a snug seal.

*We will provide you with full certification of your Fire Door inspection.

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